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(Music/ Film+TV Sound / Voice Over)


(Attended Session/Online)


(Attended Session/Online)

Whether you’re a solo musician, 

producer, band, string/brass/

woodwind section or voiceover, 

across our studio rooms and equipment, we are able to provide you with a world class experience in professional studio recording.

Our Kahayan Epsilon 32 analogue summing mixer with the option of an SSL, Neve, Manley, Phoenix or Daking transformers and great outboard gear allows us to mix everything from music for singles, E.P's, L.P's to music for visuals and film. We can provide you with a world class professional mixing service.

With the use of our incredible outboard compressors/limiters 

and some of the world's best mastering tools, paired with an incredibly accurate monitoring environment, we are able to provide you with a world class professional mastering service.



We are here to inspire & get the best performance/creativity

out of the artist, we are here to make it fun & have a

great time doing that!


Capturing the performance with the highest form of analog gear  


We are here to help the artist bring their dreams to life


''We got the mojo, we got the vibe

The art of music is what we live for''


Analogue tracking, hybrid mixing & mastering

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We provide professional recording, mixing and mastering services for anything, whether you are in a band, a solo artist, producer, rapper, songwriter or voiceover project.

Whatever you require, no job is too big or small.

Our rates vary as no project and budget are the same. In order to discuss a quote for your project, please contact us with your project details and what it is you are looking to achieve.


 include an engineer and assistant present with you in your session. For more information to establish the best rate for your project and budget, please get in touch.



CLIENTS Live Multi Tracking / Mix / Master


BULL FUNK ZOO Producer's Webcast Interviews




"Assaad is one of the real heroes out there. Very knowledgable, friendly, and high caliber taste. Possesses old school and modern skillsets. Highly recommend him and Bull Funk Studios for high level engineering and production."


"Assaad is an excellent producer/engineer with expansive knowledge in sound design and recording techniques both conventional and experimental. The studio is also equipped with some fantastic boutique audio equipment. Bull Funk Studios will always be my go to in Dubai as a space for nurturing creativity and exploration through music."


"Having had the good fortune of recording/working with several engineers around the world, what Assad offers you at his studio is comparable to any high-end studio around the globe and more! With modernized outboard gear, a space that he'll specifically transform for your music and his expertise/input - the experience at Bull Funk Studios will make you feel right at home. Highly recommend!"


"Had a blast tracking our album at Bull Funk Studios. Assad’s knowledge and attention to detail is second to none. Made us feel super welcome and offered great advice when it was necessary. All tracks sounding crisp and clean. Bull Funk studios is the real deal. The coffee is good too. Couldn’t recommend enough."


"really i had fun recording my first album in here , assad is a very comfortable guy to work with and so professional , highly recommended"



All the units and equipment in Bull Funk Studios