(Music/ Film+TV Sound / Voice Over)

Whether you’re a solo musician, 

producer, band, string/brass/

woodwind section or voiceover, 

across our studio rooms and equipment, we are able to provide you with a world class experience in professional studio recording.


(Attended Session/Online)

Our Kahayan Epsilon 32 analogue summing mixer with the option of an SSL, Neve, Manley, Phoenix or Daking transformers and great outboard gear allows us to mix everything from music for singles, E.P's, L.P's to music for visuals and film. We can provide you with a world class professional mixing service.


(Attended Session/Online)

With the use of our incredible outboard compressors/limiters 

and some of the world's best mastering tools, paired with an incredibly accurate monitoring environment, we are able to provide you with a world class professional mastering service.


We provide professional recording, mixing and mastering services for anything, whether you are in a band, a solo artist, producer, rapper, songwriter or voiceover project.

Whatever you require, no job is too big or small.

Our rates vary as no project and budget are the same. In order to discuss a quote for your project, please contact us with your project details and what it is you are looking to achieve.


 include an engineer and assistant present with you in your session. For more information to establish the best rate for your project and budget, please get in touch, either on our contact page or using the contact form below.

Contact for rates & services: