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Assaad Lakkis a.k.a. Bull Funk Zoo, 

is a highly acclaimed Artist, Musician, and Producer, whose innovative approach to music continually pushes boundaries and defies categorization. Renowned for his ability to reinvent himself with each musical endeavor, Bull Funk Zoo is dedicated to crafting a distinct and unique sound that captivates audiences worldwide.

Currently exploring the realms of Psychedelic Funk fused with elements of Jazz, World Music, and Electronica, he has joined brain cells with extra ordinary musicians: 

Ratish Chadha, Steve Bedford & Yervand Margaryan. combined minds have created lucid journey of the subconscious bizarre.


 Bull Funk Zoo's music is a vibrant tapestry of diverse influences and sonic textures. His compositions are characterized by infectious rhythms, soulful melodies, and experimental arrangements that challenge conventional norms.

With an impressive career spanning several decades, Bull Funk Zoo has earned multiple nominations for his groundbreaking work. Having opened for and performed alongside iconic artists such as Sting, Sade, Timberland, Stanley Jordan, and Courtney Pine, he has solidified his position as a formidable force in the music industry.


Bull Funk Zoo boasts a discography of seven albums, each offering a unique sonic journey that reflects his artistic evolution and creative prowess. His latest single, "It Don't Stop," has garnered widespread acclaim and is nominated for the prestigious ISC Awards in Nashville, Tennessee.

As a touring artist, Bull Funk Zoo brings his unconventional sensibility to stages around the globe, enchanting audiences with his dynamic performances and unorthodox aesthetic. With a relentless commitment to innovation and a passion for pushing artistic boundaries, Bull Funk Zoo continues to leave an indelible mark on the music scene, inspiring listeners and fellow artists alike with his bold creativity and infectious energy.



Screenshot 2021-04-16 at 11.51.58 AM.png

2000 - 2006

Moved back from US to Dubai  & formed Abstrakt collision which he has recorded  3 albums "In The Meantime Of Tomorrow" - 2003, "Division/Divided" - 2004 & "Polidix" - 2006. The song "Amerika" was nominated for best experimental song at the ISC & IMA awards. Toured the jazz festival circuit opening for Stanley Jordan 2003, Courtney Pine 2005, Curtis Fuller 2006

Screenshot 2021-04-16 at 11.53.28 AM.png

2007 - 2010

Decided to expand on being a sideman guitarist for numerous acts such as Stroobia, Mestiza, Abstrakt Roots and toured extensively with Abri

BFZ CD Launch-37.jpg

2011 - 2013

He created BULL FUNK ZOO, which is now know as his artist name. BFZ Exploded on to the Dubai scene  Opening for Sting, Sade, Timbaland and more. Touring the region and playing at all the big time festivals in the region. Landed a sponsor deal with Red Bull

BFZ CD Launch-15.jpg

2013 - 2016

He released the first self titled Bull Funk Zoo, “the highest rated album by an unsigned artist in the region” Rolling Stone. The song "Oblivion" was nominated best ballad at the Independent Music Awards. Nominated for best act at the Hype Awards & Time Out Awards


2023 - CURRENT

Psychedelic Funk, a new genre he has created a unique style of sound that he is currently performing & creating new music with his fellow comrades Ratish Chadha, Steve Bedford & Yervan Margaryan.

_It dont Stop_ Artwork.png

2018 - 2020

In 2018 he released his next Bull Funk Zoo album "Down & Dirty" he performed all the instrumentation, with exception of the drums. He produced/written/recorded/mixed & mastered the record. The album has featuring guests: Adnan from Svengali, As Per Casper & Rami Lakkis. "Down & Dirty" was nominated for best rock album of 2019 at the Independent Music Awards in New York.


2020 - 2023

Since 1996 Assaad Lakkis a.k.a has been recording/producing/engineering for himself and others on many musical projects, commercials, film/TV scoring and live sound. He decided to turn his record studio into a commercial facility and make it an official business in record production. The studio is called Bull Funk Studios.. 2021 he created Bull Funk Jamz, a weekly improvised jam session taking place at Moto's stage that gathered musicians from all around the region and internationally to create a community driven initiative in keeping the creative community alive and innovative.Bull Funk Zoo started  recording/producing his latest songs during covid and started releasing singles every few months in 2023 featuring different vocalists from the region. Currently he is also preparing for live shows with his new trio that has a unique signature sound

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2016 - 2018

He decided to challenge himself by performing all the parts of his next album "Dangerous Radio",  which was produced/recorded/mixed & mastered by himself. The album was success with a hit single "Whiskey". He toured the record in a bunch of clubs and a couple of huge festivals.

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